I read during the week that the Filipino Community in Carn asked the Inishowen Independent for support for the disaster back home. The people of Inishowen responded with astonishing generosity and €16,000 was raised.

This is not a one-off though. It happens every time there is a major tragedy.

Live Aid

When they examined the figures for Live Aid and looked at how much money was donated per head of population, they found that Irish people donated the most. That must have made Bob Geldof proud.

The generosity of the Irish people is astounding. They stand up to be counted when there are any disasters around the world with hard cash. Even during hard times they put their hands in their pockets and give what they can.


If Irish people are the most generous people in the world I would say that the most generous Irish people could be those in Inishowen.

It’s not unusual for sums of around €10,000 to be raised at the local church in Moville for disasters – and that’s from a town with less than 1,500 people.

It’s this generosity of spirit that keeps people (like Tony Bramwell) coming back to the town and the area. Long may it be like this.