Christmas Trees

I asked Gillen’s about Christmas trees and they said that they stopped doing them a few years ago.

I knew I had seen some at Norris’s so I went there instead. I’d got one last year from them. If I remember correctly it was their last tree.

This year I was too late. The last tree had gone. It seems that they normally get 100 trees but this was cut to 50 this year. Most of those had been ordered by August and the last one went last Friday.

However, the pointed me to the Farm Shop in the Malin road.

Farm Shop


I could see a Christmas Tree outside. The only problem was – it had someone’s name on it. Surely I hadn’t just missed out on the last Christmas tree in town.

I asked inside if they could get any more. They said they were getting cut at the moment and they would be in tomorrow morning and to call back then.

No chance!

I paid for my Christmas Tree there and then and booked one for the morning. They said they would deliver it too as I lived close by.


They did deliver it – but unfortunately I didn’t see it. I couldn’t see it from my window as they had propped it against the wall of the house so I went up to see when it was going to be delivered.

I was hoping I wouldn’t hear “Oh dear, we forgot about you and the last tree is gone”.

As I walked up I could see a tree outside. Maybe that was mine, or even if they had forgotten, I could have it. I checked. There was no name on it.



I went in and enquired as to my tree. They told me that it had been delivered.

“Well it’s not there” I said confidently (but foolishly). He called up the boss and I spoke to her on the phone and confirmed that the tree wasn’t there.

“I delivered it myself” she said, to the house with the two bikes outside”. Well, that was certainly my house. “Someone must have lifted it” she said.

Not Likely

I didn’t think that was likely as nicking a Christmas tree is too obvious – and the White’s front room is excellently positioned to guard and keep an eye on the whole River Row.

“We put it up against the wall” she said. I wasn’t expecting it to be there. I wouldn’t see it if I looked out my window. There’s a hedge there and if it was propped up against there I might miss it.

I was starting to feel less confident about my statement “Well, it’s not there”. It must be there. No one would take it and it was delivered to the correct house that very morning.

They were very friendly about it and asked me to call them and tell them if it was there or not.

Last Tree

It was indeed there.

However, readers, it means that there is one last Christmas Tree in town (that I know of) and it is standing just outside the Farm Shop with no name on it. However, I think they told me that they can get more, but I’m not certain of that.

If you want to reserve what might be the last real Christmas Tree in Moville in 2013 their number is 93 85526.

Quick, reserve it and get your name on it before anyone else does – or be stuck with a fake one.