Christmas is the biggest festival of the year. It cheers people up (or most of them anyway). It’s one of those festivals that you are always surprised how quickly it comes up.

It’s definitely starting to feel like Christmas about the area and especially in the pubs and restaurants. The Christmas trees are up and the lights are turned on.

City of Culture

This will be a big Christmas shopping weekend in Derry. Their City of Culture Year is coming to and end but it’s been a hugely successful year for them after a slow start.

It really started taking off over the BBC weekend. The peak was the week of the Fleadh when one pub owner was reputed to have made a million pounds in just that one week.

Derry taxi drivers have been telling me that it has been a good year for them too.


Some of this appears to have filtered through to Inishowen with businesses reporting a pick-up in trade this year.

Whilst this is a rise from low levels it is at least a sign pointing upwards after all the downward signs of previous years.

Yes, it’s starting to feel like Christmas and many of those people who work away from home will be starting to flood back to the area.

You get to meet people you haven’t seen for ages and of course they bring money back to the town which circulates through the towns and villages.

Bring on Christmas!

It should be a cracker!