Derry has had a great year which peaked during the week of the Fleadh. Indeed the Inishowen area profited from it too with the DylanFest, BeatlesFest and Greencastle Regatta being featured in Derry’s City of Culture Programme.

However, I would be willing to bet that no Moville publican made as much as one Derry publican in the week of the Fleadh.

I have to say, first of al, that I haven’t had this confirmed. However, it hs been told to me by quite a few folk from Derry. It’s either a myth that everyone believes or it is true.

Good Year

Supposedly, Gavin O’Doherty (initials GoD) who owns places like Da Vinci’s in Derry, made a million pounds in just the week of the Fleadh. I seems his pop-up pub in Shipway St. (or is it Shipley St.) did very, very well.

Supposedly he told someone that he had ordered a certain number of kegs and if he sold those then he would make a million. It seems that not only did he sell those but he had to order more.

It has been an excellent year for Derry and its businesses. Even the taxi drivers are happy and saying that they had a good year.

Let’s hope it has given the area the kickstart it needed.