Caiseal Mara

There was speculation that the new owners of the Caiseal Mara would change the name, maybe back to one of the previous names. After all a lot of people still call it McNamara’s.

We can confirm that this is not correct.

The new owners are going to keep the name Caiseal Mara.


They want to get open as soon as possible. Indeed they would like to get it open for Christmas but this is not looking likely.

When a property goes through auction, it changes hands more quickly than a normal property. The whole deal is normally done within 4-6 weeks with the deposit being taken in the first 2 days.

That deposit was €17,500.

The new owner is dying to get cracking and would love to move his family up here. It seems he loves Donegal and is a regular visitor.

Lets hope it is open soon.