This has been rescued from an old archive of the old CraicOn. It is from 2007 the first year of the DylanFest.

Moville on Dave Fanning Show

The Dave Fanning Show got in touch this morning and asked if I would do a slot on behalf of the Dylanfest tonight.

As many of you know Dave Fanning is the top music DJ in Ireland and his show is the most listened to.

Missed Email

I’d emailed them and they’d emailed me back but I either didn’t see it or deleted it as suspected spam (yes I get lots as well).

They managed to find out the contact details by contacting Foyle Radio where I did a 10 minute slot with Paddy on Monday.

The Time

To cut a long story short I was interviewed by Dave Fanning about 29 minutes into the show for 6 or 7 minutes about the DylanFest.

You can here the interview by clicking here Dave Fanning DylanFest Interview

You have to then click on Drivetime with Dave on the right hand side of the page under Listen Back.

The DylanFest Interview is about half way into the one hour show from about 29 minutes to 36 minutes into the show. You can drag the moving whatever-you-call-it to get to 29 minutes more quickly.


I was pretty impressed by Dave as he and his producer had obviously done their homework and even when there were things that I hadn’t got round to mentioning, like the pubs involved and how to get information about the Dylanfest, Dave mentioned them himself.

The questions were just right for getting out the information about the Festival.


This Festival has had some legs especially as I only had the idea about 6 or 7 weeks or so ago.

It just shows how popular Bob Dylan is and how keen his many fans are for a weekend of his music.

So many of them are playing here for just expenses only.

Looking Forward

I’m looking forward to a great weekend.

Perhaps it could be a complete farce and I’ll look like a real idiot by Monday with the local press running stories with headlines like “Chaos in Moville as…..”.

I hope not, though, and am working hard along with the rest of the organisers to make sure that everything goes well.