Moville Rumour Mill

Once again a Moville rumour has proved unfounded. Supposedly the guy that bought the Caiseal Mara at auction in Dublin has pulled out.

As soon as I heard that one I thought it was likely to be false. Now, I’ve had it confirmed that is false. In fact the new owner is dying to get it opened but is being held back by the lawyers.

They usually say that there is no smoke without fire. However, in Moville there’s loads of smoke without any fire. The last rumour was that it was connections to the old owners who bought the Caiseal Mara. That was rubbish too.

No Truth

In most places I have been, rumours usually have at least a grain of truth in them.

Not in Moville!

So, who starts all thus rubbish? Who starts these rumours in Moville  that are almost always wrong? Maybe one day we should trace one of these rumours back to its source by asking people who told them about the rumour.


Are there just one or two people who start all this nonsense?

I’ve never seen a place like it for rumours being so badly wrong.

Being wrong all the time doesn’t seem to throw the false rumourmongers. It won’t be long before the next crazy rumour hits town.