Rumour Mill

There has been a rumour flying around Moville that the guy who bought the Caiseal Mara at auction in Dublin has pulled out. We can confirm that this is not the case.

We put up a previous article saying that he was unlikely to have pulled out as he would have had to have paid a 10% deposit on the day and he would have had to wave goodbye to €17,500 if he had pulled out.

I had called the auctioneers and they said that they hadn’t heard of him pulling out and they would have known if he had.


It seems that it is the lawyers for the auctioneer who are holding up the sale as they want him to pay for the contents.

It clearly states on the auctioneer Allsop’s website about the Caiseal Mara:-


A Freehold Semi Detached Forty Eight Bedroom Hotel.


  • A Freehold Semi Detached Forty Eight Bedroom Hotel
  • Comprising Forty Eight Bedrooms, Reception Area and Lobby, Lounge Area, Two Function Rooms, Restaurant, Bar, Kitchen, Staff Rooms and Toilet facilities
  • All contents included in the sale

What could be clearer than that?


The new owner was hoping to get the Caiseal Mara open by Christmas but this is the hold up.

I’ve passed on advice telling him to make sure that he gets the website and the domain name as well or he might find himself having to fork out extra money in the future for that. It’s owned by some guy called Joe Byrne in the Diamond in Donegal Town.

It will be great to see it opening again. It is the heartbeat of Moville.

It will be a great boost to the town when it opens – if the lawyers could just get their finger out…..