This was first published in July 2010. We are currently rescuing some old articles that were on the old version of the website.

The Plea

It’s the first time they had played in Moville since the last DylanFest on the Lough but The Plea were back – and how.

Many people had them down as the best band in Donegal anyway but loads of people last night agreed that they had improved again.

I would say that it would have been the best pub gig I’ve seen in Moville in the six years since I’ve been here and rivalled The Phantom Engineers street gigs at previous DylanFests.

They had some sound problems at the start which caused a few heated moments but they got it sorted out and played a fantastic gig in front of the biggest crowd I’d seen in The Town Clock for a long time.


The place was jumping!

Earlier on I’d been down at Rosatos and seen Marianne McEvoy and partner Brendan play in a three-piece.

They were excellent too.

They would be definites next year for the DylanFest if available.

I’m told that Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (Sean ‘Highboy’ McLaughlin and Tim) were very good too by the film crew filming them.

Their Night

But it was The Plea’s night.

In fact, it was The Plea’s Festival.

They were magnificent and they belted out Dylan song after Dylan song in their own inimitable style.

I saw Bob Dylan at the O2 earlier this year but he didn’t play Dylan songs as good as The Plea did.

He should take them on tour with him.


Even with a day to go I’m pretty delighted that the DylanFest has been a success – even though there were no Malin Road or Market Square street performance on the Friday and Saturday nights.

I hadn’t had so much time to prepare for it this year and the posters and flyers were out a little later than previously.

Even people in the town said that they weren’t aware of it till a few days ago.

Steph Buhe

However, no matter – Dylan’s music drew the crowds again.

And tonight, in Rosatos, we have Steph Buhe, with an Open Mic in Rawdons and a Dylan DJ in Rosatos.

Indeed, I’m told that Paddy McLaughlin is playing in the Town Clock this afternoon and there may be some music at the Putting Green Cafe this afternoon too.