There has been some spells of very good weather this year. We can’t complain about that. The good weather has kept us cheerful in these miserable economic times.

Jut when it looked as if the cold weather had taken over we are going to get a really mild spell. In fact in might be even better than mild.

The forecast for the next four days is 11, 12, 11 and 12 degrees. Even on Friday when showers are forecast it will still be 10 degrees. For the next 10 days the peak temperature won’t be any less than 8 degrees on any given day.

It’s not just going to be mild, it is going to be sunny too. the forecast for all four days is periods of cloud and sun.

Perhaps we really will be cooking the Christmas turkey on the barbecue this year.

PS The current Christmas Day forecast is for a sunny but cold day with temperatures of 4 degrees.