Beautiful People

We recently published figures from a website that only takes good-looking people. Existing members of the opposite sex vote on new applicants.

Only 12% of Irish men and 23% of Irish women get in.

Moville’s population in the last Census in 2011 was 1,481. Let’s say that there are 1,000 adults. Let’s say again that there are 500 women and 500 men.

That would mean that 60 of Moville’s men would qualify and 115 of Moville’s women would qualify.


However, it is probably less than that as the majority of people who would apply to get into would be those who would think they stood a chance of getting in. I’m sure that people who thought they had no chance simply wouldn’t apply.

It must come as a shock to the 88 out of every 100 Irish men that apply when they get turned down. They obviously must have thought that they would have had a chance if they had applied.


So, come on then, is there anyone out there that thinks that they would get in? Let us know if you applied and got in. We would also like to know if you applied but didn’t get in but I’m sure you wouldn’t tell us.

To apply you should click on here

You need a picture of yourself and a profile of yourself. You’ll be voted on by members of the opposite sex. You’ll know within 48 hours.