I went up to the turning on of the Christmas Lights and Santa turning on the Christmas lights.

Would there be many there?

Of course there were. Santa’s still got it. The queue to see him was bigger than ever. It went up beyond the Christmas Tree and round as far as the pavement and then round again. I’ve never seen it that big.


The weather kept good for Santa. The rain stayed off and it was fairly mild. Indeed I didn’t even have  a jacket on.

Everybody look cheery as they queued up with their children to see Santa.

It’s a great social occasion too, as you meet people you haven’t seen for a while.


For me, it was just a little sad as this is the first year since I came here that I didn’t have a kid in the queue to see Santa. There was no photograph to be taken as Santa handed over his gift. That’s all for a new generation now.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was standing with both of them in the queue. The next time I’ll be in the queue will maybe be with grandchildren.


The evening was a big success though and there were still lots of people waiting to see Santa when I left.

It’s usually a good night afterwards in the pubs too.

Christmas is coming!