Christmas Trees

I asked at Gillen’s shop in the town when they would be getting their Christmas trees in. the reply was that they didn’t sell them any more and that they hadn’t sold them for the past few years.

It seems that most people have bought artificial Christmas trees now in Moville and simply unpack them every year and decorate them.

Money Saver

I suppose that it saves them €20 each year at a time when everyone is short of money. It must be a lot less bother too – and if they want to see a proper one they can just go  to the big one in the square.

My children demand a real Christmas tree so I’ve got to fork out the €20 each year.  That would buy an extra Christmas present.

Norris’s still sell them, thank goodness, so I’ll maybe nip up there and get one shortly.


I was told when it Gillen’s that the cost this year of a Chistmas Tree is €25. Those with the artificial trees will be feeling that this was a good investment.