Oh yes, it really is true, that you can indeed take the girls out of the country, but there’s no taking the country out of the girls. Two Redcastle sista’s accompanied their big cousin to Derry city earlier today for a day’s shopping and fun!

A few shops were hit early in the morning and a number of elite purchases were made. So when a coffee was suggested the big cousin brought the two sista’s to a city centre cafe. A lovely coffee and snack was had. Whilst they were sitting outside (enjoying the fresh air) and finishing their coffee, one of the Redcastle gals moved nearer the cafe entrance as she wanted the wifi. So she stood at the window…and stood…waiting on the ‘door’ to open. Eventually she realised that the door was a little further along! Oh dear, it puts a whole new perspective on the term ‘window shopping’!

Then whilst in another shop the same lady saw a nice pair of jeans on a mannequin.The waist looked a little large so over she goes and looks down the mannequins backside! What she saw, we just didn’t ask! Needless to say the other two didn’t know her!

And then there was the speed van. The young Redcastle lady just couldn’t resist a little over 30 (nowhere near 60 of course) in the 30mph zone….the brakes were well slammed on seeing the speed van! Fortunately for her, the car in the middle lane might just have saved her.

There’s just NO knowing what she will get up to next! She brought the big sis and big cousin into a city centre hair and tanning salon to meet a friend. The friend Dermot is gonna get his ass kicked next time the ladies visit him. Only he knows why!

This story could go on, but the hunt for a bargain pair of boots brought the day to an end. Talk about making life tough. Tough as old boots as the man says. Them boots better be worth that wait lady!

You really can’t take the country out of some folk! But you sure can have a great day out!