Recently a guy in the UK lost £6m when he threw away the hard drive from his old PC which contained electronic Bitcoins which he bought cheaply but which had soared in value. He went to the refuse collector but was told it had all gone into a landfill the size of a football field and was now buried 3 to 4 feet deep.

Now we hear of a Canadian woman who bought a lottery ticket which came up trumps. However, she couldn’t find the ticket. She obviously didn’t get the money.

That was a year ago.


However, officials found the store where the ticket had been bought. Luckily the CCTV footage was still there from when she bought the ticket. they interviewed the staff that was working that day – and they said this proved that Kathryn Jones had bought the ticket and won the money.

She said that she felt as if she has been hit by lighting twice. Usually these stories have unhappy, what if, endings but this one has a happy ending.

Good for her – and well done the Canadians for making sure she did have a happy ending to her story.