According to the Irish Times, local Senator, Jimmy Harte, is going to make a full recovery. It seems he is chatting away and cracking  jokes. A couple of weeks ago he was on the critical list and they wouldn’t sure if he would recover at all.

However, his wife Mary told the Irish Times  “We have had an emotional rollercoaster the last few weeks but we are in a much better position today.

“You go through the worry, the fear, the upset but I have to say Donegal did lighten the burden for me, the children and the family. They carried us.”

Heart Condition

Senator Harte, who has a heart condition, had fallen down in the street in Dublin and cracked his skull and had a blood clot on the brain. It seems that he had fallen several times in the preceding months.

His wife, Mary, said that he had been for two weeks in an induced coma. She said she had been singing their wedding song, Sweet 16, when he suddenly opened his eyes and sat up.

She continued “It was one of the moments you will never forget because you just know he was back with us again. He waved at us. That was the first thing he did.”
She said that she was confident that he would recover but was astonished at the rapid turnaround.

Just a week later, Jimmy appears to be on the road to recovery and Mrs Harte admitted they never expected he would make such a quick turnaround.

She told Highland Radio,  “I knew he would recover but to what extent I wasn’t sure. You don’t rush recovery from head trauma.”

Martin Farren

Councillor Martin Farren, who is a very close colleague of Jimmy Harte, will be delighted. Martin was delighted when Jimmy won a Seanad seat and said it would give local people access, through him, to someone who would be working closely with the movers and shakers in Dublin.

At his opening speech at the Labour Party Conference, Tanaiste, Eamon Gilmore, paid tribute to Jimmy and wished him a successful and speedy recovery.

There will be lot of people around here who will wish him the same.