Those that write songs locally don’t get much of a chance to sing their songs to an audience except during the songwriter contests. Also, Friday has been a bit quiet out in the pubs recently especially in the run up to Christmas.

So, why not give the songwriters an opportunity to play a few songs and maybe see if we can get a few more people to come out. There are quite a few talented songwriters in the area as we saw from the Songwriter Contests that we’ve had.


We’re going to have a Songwriter night every Friday night in Rosatos in December and January and maybe February too (except over the Christmas period).

What we are going to do is to have one featured songwriter each Friday night who will play more songs than the others and the other songwriters can come along and sing a few songs too.

Already we have had interest from such local talents as Laura Bonner, Leo McCauley, Martin Moir and Paul Bredin.

Indeed we have already booked two slots. Martin Moir will be the featured songwriter next Friday night (13.12.13) in Rosatos and Leo McCauley will be the featured artist on January 24th. We are waiting for other songwriters to get back to us to book their slots as featured artists.

Covers and Originals

What we have done before at songwriter nights is have artists sing one cover song for each original they sing. It will be a mixture of both but we won’t be so rigid for nights like these. If they want to sing more covers or they want to sing more originals then that’s fine.

If you write songs get in touch at [email protected] and we’ll get you a slot. Also, come along to other nights when other artists are featured and you can sing a few songs.

It should provide a bit of entertainment over the dark months of the year and it will be the opportunity to hear up the musical talent of the area singing their own songs.

And come along next Friday to hear Martin Moir play.