This has been rescued from the old CraicOn website and is from 2010.

The Cannibals

AL Diesan and Pino Tocco were the big successes of the DylanFest in early July in Moville.

However, another big, but less noticed, success was The Cannibals from Derry.

They played as a duo on the Friday night in the Bar-A-Cuda and as a full band on the Saturday night in the same venue followed by a duo in the Caiseal Mara on the Sunday night.

All Dancing

I looked in briefly on the Saturday night and saw a big crowd all dancing on the floor to the Cannibals’ versions of Dylan songs.

I met Mike Murphy the next night in Rosatos where Al Diesan and Pino Tocco were playing and he was grinning from ear to ear.

He was delighted.

All Gone

They’d cleaned him out of drink.

All the Carlsberg was gone as was the Budweiser as was the Smithwicks and the Guinness too.

Most of the spirits were gone too.

Indeed, at one point in the night Mike had more customers than he had glasses and had to refuse people drinks unless they managed to find themselves a glass.

The same thing happened in Rosatos too on the same night.


After that, it was always a certainty that they would be asked back again.

We didn’t have to wait too long.

Rosatos, where they haven’t played yet, have booked them for this Saturday night.

I would guess that they’ll become a fixture there on the monthly rota.


Mike Murphy also wants them back but Eddie has jumped in in front of him.

It would be great to see their full band in the Bar-A-Cuda again.

Moville lacks venues where you can do that since the Hair of the Dog / Anchor closed.

Also interested in The Cannibals is Maguires.


We discovered them at a DylanFest audition in Sandinos in Derry about a month ago.

We were looking for Open Mic acts but they stuck out as young, keen and talented.

It seems they play every Friday night at Mason’s bar in Derry.

Opening Night

They also played at the opening night of the DylanFest in Derry, the Wednesday night – tagged All Along the watchtower night as it is by Derry’s Walls.

I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of them in Moville.

Make sure you get along to see them.

I’m told that they also play a set of Beatles songs as well – so there’s a good chance they’ll play the BeatlesFest too in mid-July.

PS they will be playing in Rosatos just after the New Year (4/1/14) as a duo.