For weeks now we have all been talking about the great weather. Everyone is delighted that winter has stayed well away. Until now that is. Just about everyone in the village must surely have awoken in the night to the gales and the rain. It was the arrival of winter with a vengeance. No more Mr Nice guy. Autumn is long gone!

From wheelie bins to bbq’s flying about back gardens, I was well awake by 6.30 am when the alarm sounded. Then on coming downstairs and seeing out the front, I thought the neighbours had got a swimming pool installed in the night. But unfortunately it was all down to the arrival of Winter.

So tis time to buckle down those hatches and seriously put the bbq’s in the shed for a while! Next thing the snow will be upon us…just hold off until Dec 23rd and then fall as much as you can! Here’s to winter in Muff!