What a day it has been in the area. We got up this morning to high winds of up to 75 miles an hour accompanied by frequent biting rain.

I managed to go out and get my newspapers in a break in the rain. However, coming back from the shop the wind was so strong that you could hardly walk against it.

When the worst of the gale died down, to make it just windy, we had a spell of sleet battering at our doors and windows. After a short break the hailstones came and battered even more loudly.

I opened the back door to let my son’s dog in but it was going mad trying to catch the hailstones. We managed to get it in eventually.

What Next?

What next can we expect? More of the same, it seems, with a possibility of snow too.

Now that the calendar has turned to December, winter has decided to show her cards. Get the shopping in and the fuel and keep your head down for a few days. Enjoy a nice coal fire.

After all, it’s all taking place outside your door.