Robin Hood

The Pantomime is always a huge success in Moville. It plays to packed out audiences over quite a few nights. People enjoy them immensely and enjoy the humour.

They also have the good idea of having it in January rather than prior to Christmas which is the traditional time. It has January all to itself.

This year, I hear that the pantomime is going to be Robin Hood this year. I also hear that Robin Hood is to be played by the dashing, swashbuckling Maurice McGeady.

I also hear that Maid Marion is to be played by the glamorous Cassie Lafferty.

Gold Dust

I haven’t been to any of the pantomimes in Moville as the tickets are usually all gone by the time that I get round to buying them.

I did buy a pair last year but, for a reason I can’t remember, I couldn’t go and gave them in so that someone else without tickets could get in rather than having two empty seats on the final night.

I think I’ll certainly go this year (or next year rather). It sounds like a cracker. Watch out for when the tickets come out as they go like gold dust.