We’ve had some pretty good weather this year. July was a great month. The summer extended into a goodly part of the autumn. It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was sitting out the back sunbathing.

Now it’s all change. The winter is arriving with a bang. You’ll already know that it is very stormy outside and winds of up to 75 Miles an Hour are predicted this morning in the area with it easing off in the afternoon.

Cold Snap

However, that won’t be the end of it. Cold weather is expected to hit us with sleet and even snow falling. It might be an idea to get your shopping done this afternoon. Get out to Gillens or Centra to get a few days supply of food etc.

Candles might be an idea too, as any bad weather here seems to knock out the electricity.

Get your heating oil in too. You wouldn’t want to run out. it might be an idea to get an extra bag of coal as well.

Perhaps we’re about to pay for all that good weather we’ve had this year.


One man who might be pleased is Councillor Martin Farren (Seamus Harkin might be another). After the snows of two winters ago when Donegal Council didn’t have enough salt and grit etc. Martin got them to buy a whole load more salt.

With the mild winter of last year it didn’t get used. With the elections next year he might be hoping that a cold winter will get him some credit for having the Council prepared this time.

So, batten down the hatches and be prepared for the worst.

And those of you who have to go abroad for work, this is not one of those times of year when you would wish you were home. Australia and New Zealand might be good places to be rather than Inishowen.