The European Union Department of Preservation has announced that it will be re-introducing wolves to Ireland from May 1st next year.

Said the head of the Department of Preservation, Jens Muller, “Wolves were always a part of European Culture in the past. With their successful re-introduction to France and Germany, we are now looking to roll out the scheme to other EU countries.

Obvious Choice

“Ireland was the obvious next country for the programme. We didn’t want top introduce them near to a major population centre so the area around Moville and Greencastle provided the best terrain in Ireland for introducing them.

“We will be bringing across a pack from the Black Forest in Germany over the next few weeks and gradually introducing them into the wild”.

Not Dangerous

“People consider wolves to be dangerous but this is a misperception. They are quite shy creatures really and there are very few recorded incidents of wolves in the wild killing humans.

“Pets would be more in danger, especially dogs, which female wolves often use to train their new cubs in how to make a kill, but nowadays pets aren’t allowed out except on a leash and so they would be perfectly safe with humans.

Enjoy the Sightings

“We hope the people of Moville and Greencastle can enjoy the sightings of wolves in the wild as they take their summer walks in the hills and countryside. We are keeping the location of where they will be released secret at the moment to allow the wolf pack time to ‘bed in’ in peace.

“Remember though, that they are wild animals and no one should attempt to feed them. To get the most out of it, it is best to observe them from a distance. If you don’t bother them then they won’t bother you”.

Keaveney Howling Mad Over Wolves

There have been some objections though.

Ex-Senator Cecilia Keaveney has said this idea is barking mad.

As a member of the Council of Europe Culture Committee she is convinced that this issue has not come before the committee but she would be taking the matter up at the plenary session at the end of the month.

This was originally published on April 1st 2010.