This article is being rescued and first appeared in 2010.

Beatles Road Manager and Apple Boss to do Ireland’s BeatlesFest

The organisers of the BeatlesFest on the Lough in Moville, Donegal from August 12th to 15th have just announced that the Beatles road manager, Tony Bramwell, will be coming to, and taking part in, their festival this year.

“If you want to know anything about the Beatles, ask Tony Bramwell. He remembers more than I do”said Sir Paul McCartney to Donovan in a January 2002 interview.

So why is he coming to the BeatlesFest in Moville “I dunno! People like to talk to me about the Moptops” said Tony. “I also love Guinness”.

Tony Bramwell’s incredible life began in a postwar Liverpool suburb, where he was childhood friends with three of the Beatles long before they were famous.

And by the time he caught up with George Harrison on the top of a bus going to check out “The Beatles, direct from Hamburg”, one of whom George turned out to be, Tony was well on his way to staying by them for every step of their meteoric rise. If anything needed taking care of, Tony Bramwell was the man the Beatles called, the man they knew they could trust.

Untold Stories

He will be giving a talk and answering questions and generally ‘floating about’ at the BeatlesFest on the Lough so Movillians and visitors alike will have plenty of chances to get an insight into John, Paul, George and Ringo behind the scenes.

His time with The Beatles encompassed developing the first Beatles music videos to heading Apple Films, and from riding bikes and trading records with George Harrison to working and partying with everyone from the Beatles to Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, The Who and The Kinks. Tony’s life really did (and does) encompass a who’s who of rock.

Fresh Insight

His will be happy to talk about the Beatles’ childhoods and families, their early recordings and songwriting, the politics at Apple, and Yoko’s pursuit of John and her growing influence over the Beatles’ lives. From the Cavern Club to the rooftop concert, from the first number one to the last, and from scraps of song lyrics to the discovery of the famous Mr. Kite circus poster, Tony Bramwell really did see it all.

Conversational, direct, and honest, the ultimate Beatles insider finally will share his own version of the frantic and glorious ascent of four boys from Liverpool lads to rock and roll kings.

Said BeatlesFest organiser Gerry McLaughlin “It is very exciting to have someone coming to the BeatlesFest who was there from the very beginning and who knew the Beatles as friends before and after they became famous. I’m looking forward to it probably more than any other act that we’ve had. I’ve already got a few questions for Tony myself and a pint of his favourite Guinness awaits”.