This is a cached article from 2007 which I’ve rescued.

Moville DylanFest Craic

Stephe Buhe was really excited about coming to Moville for Ireland’s first DylanFest.

He is a big Bob Dylan fan so he wanted to play the festival.

He knew that it was the first year of the festival and that we couldn’t pay much so he said he would play for free if we paid for his accomodation and flight over.

Quality Control

I checked out his MySpace site to see if he was any good.

You can find it here Steph Buhe MySpace

I was impressed by it, thought it passed the quality control and promptly booked him for gigs at Rawdons, the Bar-A-Cuda and Maguires.

Friday Night at Rawdons

He played on the Friday night at Rawdons and how the audience loved him.

Sometimes perfomers play more obscure Bob Dylan songs, but Steph played the favourites.

He also adds a nice French flavour to the Bob Dylan songs he plays. It’s a little bit different but pleasantly so.


Steph was pleasantly surprised how everybody was able to join in the words with him which he doesn’t find so often in France.

By the end of the night the whole of the top room at Rawdons was singing along with him.

The next day he got himself out and about and he was delighted by the amount of times that people stopped him to say how much they had enjoyed it.

Next Year

He made not a penny from the three gigs he played but he has really enjoyed his stay.

He is already asking me about next year he enjoyed himself so much.

Open Mic

Tonight he is looking forward to Open Mic night at the various pubs.

Many of the band members and musical acts like the Phantom Engineers and 115th Dream featuring Finbarr Clancy and his cousin Collie Power are still around and looking to have a great night playing and partying.

It was really great having Steph over and I would certainly invite him back next year even if we had more funding and were able to book even bigger acts.

Well done Steph!

Moville loved you.