This is a cached article from last year that we are rescuing.

Leaving Certs

Principal Anthony Doogan and his teachers were cock-a-hoop as the leaving certificate results showed that the school and its pupils had the best ever results in the 7-year history of the school according to today’s Inishowen Independent.

It seems that one girl got 580 points and half a dozen others got above 500.

That’s a tremendous achievement.

Good News

A lot of good news in all sorts of areas has been coming out of Moville Community College in recent years and some of the musical talent that has come out of the school will be playing in front of Beatles talent scout Tony Bramwell at the Sean Ti tonight.

The teachers and Principal have done a good job.


I remember my French teacher, when we were studying for our Higher Level French said that the teachers seldom got praise.

She said “If someone’s child passes an exam then it is because their little Johnnie is a clever fellow but if he failed it was because the teacher was no good”.

So, if you thank the teacher for your child’s or your own good results it will be very much appreciated.

Let’s hope that the recession is over by the time these pupils get out of university or college.

There’s a lot of good youngsters with degrees languishing on the dole or in ‘temporary’ jobs that are nothing to do with the degrees they got.