I thought that I had lost all the articles from the old version of the website but now I have found them all cached and will be copying in some of the top ones. This one dates from 2007.

Moville’s DylanFest

The success of the Ireland’s first DylanFest in Moville caught the pub owners involved in the DylanFest by surprise.

McGettigans actually ran out of beer – or at least the gas used for it.

The Bar-A-Cuda ran out of Carlsberg.

Full Pubs

It was almost impossible to get into any of the three pubs in the Malin Road on Saturday after the bands finished playing.

Someone said that if you had a competition to see how many people you could fit into Rawdons you could hardly have got any more people in.

Best Ever Night

Rosatos said that Saturday night was their best ever night.

Rawdons said the same.

It wasn’t just the Saturday night.

Sunday night in both pubs was like a normal very good Saturday night.

Good Friday

Friday night was very good too and there was a good flow of pub customers all through the day on Saturday and Sunday.

I counted almost a hundred people in Rawdons on Saturday afternoon when 115th Dream with Finbarr Clancy and his cousin Collie Power playing.

Tripled and Quadrupled

The Town Clock reported that they had a very good weekend also and they had a double whammy both for the food and for the pub.

They tripled their normal Saturday business which is usually very busy anyway and they quadrupled their business on the Friday night. Sunday was very busy too.

Very Busy

Saturday night was very busy.

The Bar-A-Cuda, which had a late music licence can’t have had a Saturday night like that for a very long time with their Aqua Bar heaving with people listening to the band.

Sponsors Did Well

Sponsors of the DylanFest did well too and people told me that it was almost impossible to get into Indian Restaurant Karma without a booking for a good part of the weekend.

I thow that for a fact as I got turned away on Saturday evening.

Other Festivals

One pub owner said that it would be great if there was a DylanFest every week – or at least every month.

Wit the success of the Traditional Music Festival in February, the Moville Summer Festival in August and now the DylanFest it shows you that if you put something on in Moville people will come.

There’s absolutley no reason why there shouldn’t be more of these – at least in the summer months.

September Festival?

I have tentatively suggested to people from Moville and from elsewhere, and to the pub owners and sponsors that there was room for another festival in early September.

Anyone for a BeatlesFest?