This is an article that I am rescuing from a cache of old articles that I found.

Putting Green

The news that Moville has been waiting for years for is about to become a reality.

The long closed Putting Green, Crazy Golf and Tennis Court will almost certainly be re-opened next year.

Moville Councillor Marian McDonald said “I’m absolutely delighted. I remember when those facilities were full of holidaymakers and local people, when Moville was thriving and now we are to have them back again”.

Huge Mistake

It seems that it was all a huge mistake that kept them shut all those years, Moville people will be astonished to learn.

There have been many, many meetings of interested parties trying to get the facilities opened but till recently all have failed.

The North East Development Agency kept saying that it was impossible because of the vandalism and that the insurance would be too costly.

Everyone had assumed all along that the Agency were responsible for the Putting Green etc.

However, when the question was asked it turned out that they weren’t.

It seems that it is Donegal Council which is responsible for it and can make the decisions on the facilities.

And it seems that Donegal Council have the will and determination to get them opened again.

On The Way Back

Said Marian McDonald, “There is nowhere else around this area that has facilities like this. It’s something to be proud of and treasured – and from next year people can use them again.”

The Putting Green, the Crazy Golf and the Tennis Court were always at the heart of the Moville Tourist Industry.

Virtually everyone who lived in Moville or who visited Moville made use of them.

It will give a great boost to the morale of the people of Moville to see them open again and it will give them the belief that Moville is on its way back again as a major tourist venue.

Said Gerry McLaughlin of DylanFest and BeatlesFest “Moville Events have been lobbying for this for a while so we are over the moon about hearing this news. With the Moville Rowing Club and the kayakking Moville is back on the water and now that the facilities are opening up on Bath Green again after years of neglect, Moville is really on the move again. All the festivals have had record crowds this year despite the downturn, so the future is looking very bright”.