Delicious Story

As we said in a previous post, there’s a delicious story about the Caiseal Mara going the rounds. I don’t know whether it is true or not but it would be great if it is.

The Caiseal Mara was up for sale at auction in Dublin on October 22nd. There was a reserve price of €175,000 on it but the highest bid was €160,000. It didn’t go but it was sold later in the day for the original €175,000.

It was bought by a guy from Dublin, who had previously been in America with his wife.

Wanted a House

The story is that he went to the auction to buy a house but ended up buying the Caiseal Mara – without asking his wife.

Now, ladies, what would you say if your husband went out to take advantage of rock bottom prices at auction to buy a nice house for you to bring up your family? What would you say if he came back without a house but said he had spent the money on a 48-bedroom hotel in a small town in Waterford or somewhere like that?

Would your husband have felt a little nervous about coming home?


One can image the conversation when he got back home after the auction.

“Did you manage to get a house then?”

“Er, I did manage to buy a property, yes”.

“Does it have enough rooms? We would need a room for each of the children and maybe a guest room for when my parents visit”.

“That’s no problem at all. There’s enough rooms for all the kids”.

Guest Rooms

“What about a guest room for visitors like my parents?”

“Oh yes, there are plenty of rooms for visitors. Do you think your parents might pay to stay there?”

“Don’t be silly. We wouldn’t charge anybody for staying in a guest room. Does it have a good-sized dining room?”

“Yes, it has a very good-sized dining room. There’s a bar too”.


“That will be great when friends come to visit. What about toilets / bathrooms / showers? Did you remember that I wanted more than one?”

“Yes, I can confirm there’s more than one.”

“It sounds quite big. Will it be hard to clean?”

“I’ll get someone in to clean it”.

“Wow! You think of everything. Thank you darling” – big hug and a kiss.


“Is it in town?”


“What part of Dublin is it in?”

“Well, it’s slightly outside Dublin”.

“How far out?”

“Errrrr, darling, there’s something I need to talk to you about……”