Shore Walk

In my last article I said I was going for a walk along the shore with my shorts and short-sleeved T-shirt on. I did go for the walk and I did wear my shorts but I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and wore a long-sleeved heavier T Shirt.

However I needn’t have bothered taking that extra precaution as I was too warm. I walked to Carnagarve and back in blazing sun. I stopped off at Carnagarve beach and sunbathed for a while.

Yes, that’s right – sunbathed!


There was a little breeze coming up the lough from Derry but Carnagarve was sheltered from it. I sat for a while and felt the sun heating my face. I closed my eyes and imagined I was on a beach in the Caribbean with some fruit and a pina colada by my side.

I did mange to pick up a bit of a glow (suntan would be too strong for it). Considering there were only 59 hours left to December when I went and less than 4 weeks to Christmas that’ s still pretty good.

The weather keeps surprising us this year – and on the bright side.  The last few leaves on the trees are only starting to fall off now and we’re nearly in December.

Perhaps we’ll be doing the Christmas Turkey on the barbecue yet.