Thanksgiving is one of the most important days of the year in America and would rank up there with Christmas disputing 1st place (although Halloween is very popular too). Thanksgiving is the quintessential family occasion in America and you share it with your family.

You don’t go to your in-laws for Thanksgiving, you share it with your family. It is the day of the year when all families come together.


They eat turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce and finish that off with home-made apple pie. They then watch the American Football match which is traditionally on during Thanksgiving.

I can’t stress enough how important these occasions are to Americans. They re-bind families. You can’t have an argument on Thanksgiving.

Boiled Egg

One year, when I was in America everyone was going down to my wife’s brother’s place in Cape Cod. He and his wife were hosting the Thanksgiving meal.

I decide not to go. When it came to mealtime I looked in the cupboard and fridge for something to eat but all there was to eat was a boiled egg. There wasn’t even any bread. I decided to go out to one of the local restaurants.

They were all shut. I decided to go to the shops to buy something. They were all shut. All I got to eat that day was a boiled egg.

On the way back from the restaurants and shops I could see house after house where the family were celebrating and enjoying their Thanksgiving turkey and cranberry sauce.

Just For Two

As my wife isn’t here this year and my daughter is at Veterinary Medicine University in Budapest, I wasn’t going to do Thanksgiving. I didn’t think it was worth it just for myself and my son. Then I thought, what would he think if I told him I didn’t think it was worth doing it just for him.

There wasn’t time to defrost and cook a turkey so I went up to Gillen’s. Luckily they had a big chunk of turkey at the counters at the top of the shop. Was there any Cranberry sauce. Yes there was, I took it along with the turkey.

I baked a potato and did some mash too. I had bought an apple pie too.


I’ve just finished my big Thanksgiving dinner. We remembered those not there and then tucked in. Robbie is still getting stuck into his. He was delighted when he came home from school to find there was a Thanksgiving Dinner almost ready.

Once that all settles in our stomachs I’ll heat up the fresh apple pie I got from Gillen’s. Robbie’s looking full but happy. The tradition hasn’t been broken.

I’m glad I went to the trouble now.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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