What a year it has been! It was a mild spring and warm summer. The autumn was pretty good too and we had a good October. I was still in my shorts till late October.

Once the colder weather came in people were saying that that would be the last of the good days till next spring. However, today is a beauty.

Yesterday was pretty mild too but overcast. I took a walk along the shore and had to take my jacket off I was so warm, leaving just a short sleeved T shirt (and my trousers, of course).

Sunny Day

Today it is just as mild but it’s a sunny, sunny day. It’s definitely a day for a shore walk. I looked out the back there to see if I could take the walk in my T-shirt and I think I could. I might even look out my shorts as well. If I left it half an hour or so to make sure I should be OK.

The water out in the Lough is becalmed and it looks like glass with the sun glinting off it. There won’t be many days like this. I can’t believe I’ll be able to take a walk along the shore in T-shirt and shorts less than 4 weeks to Christmas and with December just 3 days away.

Norris’s have got their Christmas Trees outside the shop, for goodness sake.

With the Moville economy showing signs of recovery it looks as if the Gods are looking down smilingly on us again.

See you later!