I’m sure that a number of you have heard the rumour about the Caiseal Mara. Supposedly, the guy that bought it has pulled out.

The story goes that he is a Dublin man and went to the auction in Dublin  to buy a house and ended up buying the 48-bedroom Caiseal Mara in Moville without telling his wife.

I don’t know if that’s true but the next part of the story then goes that he’s now pulled out of buying.


So, I phoned tha auctioneers in Dublin. I might as well get it from the horse’s mouth.

“Is the Caiseal Mara back on the market?” I asked.  “There’s a rumour here that the buyer has pulled out”. “Not as far as I know” was the reply of the person who was actually doing the selling.

“What happens when someone buys something at auction? When do they pay?” I asked.

“They pay the first 10% straight away” she said (and it seems that this has been paid) “and then the rest within four to six weeks” she continued.

Now Due

As it was October 22nd that it went at auction, it would be the 3rd of December when the rest is due – which is less than a week away.

So, the buyer must have paid £17,500 up front and would lose that if he pulled out.

“So” I said to the auctioneer” “If the buyer had pulled out you would know about it”.

“That’s correct” she said – and she doesn’t know anything about it.


It’s possible that this rumour is true and that the guy who bought it didn’t realise the task in hand and pulled out. However, that would be €17,500 straight down the pan – and surely he would have told the auctioneer selling it that he had pulled out instead of the good folk of Moville.

It’s possible that the people of Moville knows that he has pulled out and heh auctioneers don’t – but I would say that it is far more likely that the deal is fine and the residue will be paid within the week.

If that’s true then it’s good news for the town.

Open Soon

It also seems to be good news that the auctioneers can get the paperwork done a lot quicker at auctions than if it was sold privately as the legal side of it can take up to a year going by other places that were bought here recently.

The Caiseal Mara might be back open sooner than we think – or it is just possible that the Moville rumour mill is correct.

It’s not usually!