We’re only 4 days away from December and 4 weeks away from Christmas. That’s come up quick hasn’t it? It shouldn’t be too long before we see the tree in the square go up and the lights in the town.

I saw the first sign of Christmas when I went up for my morning newspapers to Centra. Walking from the Moville side of town I could see them putting up their external Christmas lights with a sleigh and Merry Christmas on them.

I keep saying, very year, that I’ll get my presents early, before the rush but it usually ends up with the afternoon of the 24th when I get round to doing it.

More Shortly

So, I saw the first signs of Christmas this morning but there should shortly be lots more. As soon as it gets into December lots of people will start putting their trees and Christmas decorations up.

I tend to leave till as late as I can until the pressure from my children becomes unbearable and till there’s only a couple of tree left in the town.

Maybe I’ll put it up earlier this year and try to get into the Christmas spirit.