Jimmy Harte

According to hospital staff there has been small but steady progress in Senator Jimmy Harte’s condition. He got a cracked skull and a massive clot on the brain when he fell after going out for a takeaway after Ireland’s match against Latvia. He has previously had heart problems.

He is a close colleague of local Labour Councillor, Martin Farren, who was delighted when Jimmy got elected to the Senate, saying that it would be good for Moville for him to have someone to contact close to the movers and shakers in Dublin and someone who could get Eamon Gilmore’s attention.

Induced Coma

Jimmy came out of an induced coma recently and is responding in a small way to voices that he hears. He also has some hand movements too.

It is a long way back for him from here and his condition is still critical. However, staff are hopeful that he can continue to improve bit by bit although they don’t know how far that improvement will go.

Everyone is hoping and praying for a full recovery as Jimmy is very popular both in this area and in Dublin amongst his fellow senators.