I was told that November was the least busy month of the year, that there might not be that many people out on the Saturday nights in November. Indeed that was the case the last few years.

However, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. It started two weeks ago with Bulrush, the excellent duo from Derry who played on the Sunday night at the DylanFest and the Saturday night of RocktoberFest. There was a big, big crowd to see them. It was like a summer Saturday night in Rosatos.

Debbie & Geraldine (& James)

That, though, might have been down to them. After all they are a DylanFest level act. However, the 2nd Saturday night in November was the same. It was packed to see The Decibelles, Debbie & Geraldine with young James McDonald, and people were reeling and rocking on the floor.

They are popular too, so would it be the same for a 3rd Saturday night in late November? Yes, it was. There was another good crowd to see Savage Henry.

Damien Sheridan is playing next week, so it is up to him to keep the pot boiling and finish off the ‘quietest month’ with another good crowd. He usually delivers.

The Reason

So, what’s the reason? Why is Rosatos as busy on Saturday nights in November as it was in the summer months? I think that there are two reasons. Firstly, it looks as if Moville is starting to recover.

Quite a few local business folk are telling me this (outside the construction industry). Secondly, Rosatos probably have their strongest line up for a long time with four very strong acts rotating in a 4-weekly cycle.

The next four weeks are:-

1. Damien Sheridan

2. Bulrush

3. Decibelles (Debbie & Geraldine) with James McDonald

4. Savage Henry

Saturday night sound good there for the foreseeable future.