Beautiful Irish Girls

According to an international dating website, Irish women are among the hottest in the world. It seems that if you want to join you have to send in a photo and a profile and members of the opposite sex vote on whether to let you in or not.

Only 12% of Irish lads who applied were accepted by the females on the website last year – the 3rd worst in the world.  However, they did beat the British and the Polish (9% accepted for each).

Stay Home

However, they don’t need to go abroad to find nice looking girls. They just have to stay at home. Irish girls have leapt into the Top 10 of the Hottest Girls On The Planet.

 The options for voting are ‘Yes definitely’, ‘Hmm yes, O.K’, ‘Hmm no, not really’ and ‘NO Definitely NOT’.

Irish men have actually improved as they were voted the Ugliest Men On The Planet in 2011.

Hottest Men

At the top were Swedish men with 65% accepted (as opposed to the 12% of Irish men). Next were Brazilian men at 42% and then Danish at 40%.

As for the women, the Scandinavian women are at the top with 74% of Norwegian girls accepted, 67% of Swedish girls and 66% of Icelandic girls accepted.

At the very bottom are German women with ony 13% accepted with UK females 2nd bottom with only 15% accepted.

Irish women came 10th with 23% accepted – around double that of Irish lads.

Shrek Virus

The BeautifulPeople website caused controversy by dumping 5,000 members off its list because they put on weight over Christmas.

A virus called Shrek, which they think may have been put there by a disgruntled ex member of staff, caused 30,000 people to be added to the list. They were subsequently dumped off but were offered counselling.

“We can’t just sweep 30,000 ugly people under the carpet.” said Managing Director Steve Hodge. I don’t think he would be best to do the counselling himself.

Try It

One girl was getting on very well with an American guy and they had arranged to meet. Now she doesn’t even has his contact details after being dumped off. She is going to get professional photographs done to see if she can get back on again to find out if he is ‘the one’. now has a global membership of 540,000. If you think you can raise the Irish numbers and want to contact the best looking girls or guys on the planet fill in the application here –

 Let us know how you get on.