Greencastle’s annual Folk & Trad Festival had a great first night in the Sean Ti last night. It was decided to hold it in the snug bar but the crowd spilled over into the main bar as well.

There were about half a dozen top musicians from Leicester in England, Glasgow in Scotland, Belfast, Derry, Ballycastle and Moville playing at the festival. John Collins from Moville was one of the main players and singers.

Great Night

It was a really enjoyable night of folk & trad music. It wasn’t one of those nights where there’s no singing and most of the songs seem very similar. They took requests as well. I remember them singing a medley of Scottish songs like Flower of Scotland and Loch Lomond.

John Collins gave a great rendition of Black is the Colour which Christy Moore sung and which was a traditional Scottish song.

It was an excellent crowd who really enjoyed themselves – and joined in the singing too of the popular numbers. Those working behind the bar were kept on their toes. Kevin Sean Ti sang a song too – and didn’t disgrace himself either.

Saturday Night

If that’s what it was like on the Friday night it should be fantastic tonight. Paddy the Shoe will join them tonight. The snug bar in the Sean Ti is a great little bar for a seisun of Folk & Trad but it might be an idea to move at least some of the players to the main bar to accommodate the crowds.

It was a magical night last night and tonight should be even better. Get there early if you want a seat if it’s going to be in the snug again – and prepare to join in the singing. If you can play the tin whistle bring it along and join in.