In the very main square of Moville we are seeing property prices fall to ridiculous levels. This is the 2nd time in the last 7 years that they have been at ridiculous levels. Seven years ago they were ridiculously high, now they are ridiculously low.

The 2-bedroom flat is above LeoMcCauley’s auctioneer shop.

Normally property in the very centre, the main square of the town, is the town’s prime property and fetches the best prices.

See here  for further details.

Monopoly Money

If someone had some money they could play Monopoly with Moville’s main square.

You could have bought the Town Clock, Caiseal Mara, Foyle Hotel, Bar-a-Cuda and the AIB Bank for less than you would have paid for one pub in Moville 8 years ago and still have had a hundred grand or so left over.

Someone could make a fortune buying now. The only problem is that no one has any money.