It’s official! The recession has finally hit the ‘Muff Ladies’! Or has it? On a regular basis these 6 gals venture out to various restaurants (with a good bar) to catch up on the past months craic and happenings (never gossip!). So on this occasion, one of the ladies suggested meeting at her home for a light snack and some wine. So the 6 congregated at the said ladies home earlier last night and with wine intact, they had no expectations, other than to have some fun.

What awaited them was an amazing four course meal, a delightful table setting, and craic and banter that lasted into the night! Between swapping glasses (some of the ladies obviously can’t afford to purchase a new pair so had to borrow others) to check out photos of friends and other friends ‘new male’ friends, it was a hoot! And then there was the talk and predictions of M and M! We shall look forward to February and March and the arrival of this eagerly awaited M and M persona! Oh it will be fun. M and M will need to be pretty thick skinned to meet this lot of ladies….

All of these ladies like to talk, so when congregated around this kitchen table it was arranged that ‘one’ spoke at a time and filled the others in on the happenings over the past weeks. So basically it really was ‘open mic’ time at the dining table! All ears were listening and much laughter and even tears followed. Laughter causing the tears! Each and every one shared the fun and the goss from weeks past. And laughter did indeed prevail! From the children travelling and working around the world to upcoming childrens weddings, it was all covered. To strange men met whilst abroad and possible reuniting, and the long term men in marriages, men were at the fore of much discussion. Oh some ears in the Muff vicinity must surely have been burning!

And then there was the difference in the wine glass size. Most ladies had rather large glasses. So a bottle seemed so little and then there was that one lady who attempted to remain dignified with her tiny wine glass. Perhaps the hostess knows her better than most and so the glass was intentional. I guess that is probably the more realistic explanation. So much for cycling and early morning driving…the glass never emptied…and it appeared to be sipped from quite often…so a small wine glass hides nothing missus!!

A diet will surely be underway come the morning as way too much food was consumed. Never mind the wine intake! Here’s hoping there’s NO calories in those 10 bottles…surely not!

But one thing’s for sure. A girly night solves many problems and creates much laughter. And any doctor will always tell you…laughter is definitely the best medicine. So all those ails were cured tonight! Now the ladies can create more ails over the coming weeks and cure them on the next get together with some more food…..and wine! Here’s hoping that night comes along soon!