The local butchers is not quite where you plan a catch up with long lost school companions or is it? I’d never have thought so until a short while ago.

On entering the butchers earlier today there were a number of women in front of me. So my good manners set in and I waited my turn (so unlike ordering a drink at the bar, where all manners disappear!). One of the people in front turned around and said to me ‘I know you from school’. I did indeed recognise the face but as on many occasions the name failed me. But on chatting it turned out that we both knew and remembered each other from those few years ago (!) and both work in the same line of work nowadays. Just too weird! The lady had to move on as her family were waiting. But it seemed like the perfect time to pull up a chair and order a coffee. But no can do. The butchers only sells meat!

Seeing as Muff is minus a coffee shop, perhaps the Butchers could put in a couple of chairs, a table, and a coffee pot for when friends (new and old) meet up. Those chairs would rarely be empty.

The moral of the story is that our wee village needs a ‘Coffee Shop’. Badly! And it was nice to catch up with someone from the good old school days, and more contact will be made. See ya soon missus on FB!