Seeing as the theme of today appears to be coffee shops, this I thought was rather funny. I dined alone (aww) today at lunchtime in The Sandwich Company, Derry (Bishop Street). Having been in Bedlam prior to this it was convenient to just dander over and in the back door. I had quite a few books in tow, so I put my bag down on a chair as I joined the ever growing queue to order lunch. Whilst I was standing in line a couple came in behind me. The lady sat down and the guy queued behind me. Next thing, he takes out his mobile phone and I hear him asking ‘what type of sandwich?’ I look across the room at his lady friend and she is also on the phone and telling him her order – less that 10 feet apart! And there was ample room to walk across or even talk, across the room.

So this is what technology has brought us too. No distance is too close now to use a phone for conversation. I smiled to myself and did giggle eventually. I know he noticed but feck it, I wasn’t the one ringing someone in the same room to get the lunch order! You wouldn’t get that carry on in the local butchers!

Oh dear, the world really has gone mad!