We got this email and are glad to publish it.

Hi Gerry,

I wondered whether you may be interested in mentioning this appeal on Craicon. It invites people to listen to the song “Mother’s Day” on my SoundCloud page at https://soundcloud.com/joebarr-1/mothers-day which has a link to my JustGiving page at www.justgiving.com/Joe-Barr where Cancer Research UK are my chosen charity.

I know it’s a UK charity but the work they do in the fight against all forms of cancer has a worldwide impact and I’ve been getting quite a few plays from all parts of the globe, though not much by way of sponsorship as yet – early days perhaps!

Family Friends

Mum, Susan McCormick, and her brothers and sisters were frequent visitors to Moville, and Mum eventually met and married my Dad, Moville man, John Barr. They settled in Paisley in Scotland where they raised their own family of six – two girls and four boys. Mum and Dad were regular visitors to Moville throughout their lives, bringing their steadily increasing family with them over the years.

They were accommodated by Aunt Mary, Aunt Rita and Uncle Patsy Barr in either the flat above “The Step-in-Bar” (now “Rosatos”) or the farm at Cooley. I imagine Dad will be readily remembered by many Movillians and Mum by some as well. Sadly, both died far too young. Mum particularly so at age 53 years after a long battle against breast cancer. Hence this appeal.

Their children and now their children’s children continue the tradition of holidays in Moville and all are very frequent visitors there.

Thanks for your help.

I trust you are well.

Kind regards,

Joe Barr