Alexa Rankings

CraicOn has come roaring up the world rankings for websites according to Alexa. It is now ranked 247,225th busiest website in the world. That’s among the top 1%. That is up 19,601 places in just three months and it is still rising.

However, it is in Ireland that it has really set the hills on fire. In just the past for weeks it has soared from 1,016th busiest website in Ireland to 639th. That’s quite a rise.

As the stats are measured over the last 3 months and averages site visits and page views, it looks as if CraicOn will continue to rise.

Top 500

We are aiming to become amongst the top 500 websites in Ireland. When you remember that the top 500 include international websites as well as Irish websites like Google, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Twitter etc. that’s not too bad at all considering CraicOn is for one small town and two villages in Inishowen.

We’d like to thank all our readers for helping to get us up there.

We would hope to crack the top 500 next month. Of course, if we were to find people to do CraicOn for other towns……