Craicon is flying at the present time. Flying up the Irish websites that is. At present it’s well within the top 700 sites in Ireland. Every little article is getting hits on a daily basis. It’s readers worldwide that are looking in on the craic in Moville and Muff. Feedback from locals and strangers the world over is immense.

Craicon is now hoping to expand even further and is seeking some people to write for their town or village. It would be great to get someone on board to write about the craic/happenings in Carn, Buncrana, Derry, Letterkenny etc. If you or anyone you know is interested just sent a wee message to [email protected]

It’s not rocket science and you don’t need any professional experience. Just know what’s happening in your local area and put it into a few words on a weekly basis. So do get in touch and hopefully there’ll be a few more towns on board very soon.