Which? has said that a lot of supermarkets were misleading shoppers with special offers and multibuys that were sometimes higher than the original prices. The consumer watchdog said that many supermarkets were selling products as Special Offers when they weren’t Special Offers at all.

They singled out Sainsbury’s as one of the worst offenders.

They said that Sainsbury’s Carex Aloe Vera Eucalyptus Moisturising Bacterial Handwash (250ml) at £1.80 for 7 days and then on offer ‘was £1.80 now 90p’ for 84 days.  it was, basically, a con.


It was a similar story at other supermarkets including Asda.

One would really have to have a phone with internet access when one is shopping to be able to do a price comparison with other supermarkets to see if the Special Offers really are Special Offers.

After all the problems they had with selling horsemeat instead of beef, supermarkets are quickly losing their reputations – and where food is concerned losing the trust of customers could prove very costly to the big chains.


I get all my meat from Donal now and wouldn’t even think of buying it from a supermarket any more. One wants to know what one is really buying and eating. They’ve broken our trust.

Don’t tell me that they were selling horsemeat for years and didn’t know. They would have had to have known that you couldn’t buy beef for the price they were paying.

Now, we’ve got to watch out to see if those special offers are really special at all.

‘Three for the price of two’ is the cry. I think I’ll have none for the price of none.