As I write the snow is coming down in Moville. the skies, especially on the Lough side, look jam-packed with snow. I’m not sure whether it will lie though . The ground is very wet and there are puddles. Perhaps it will lie on the hills. The time is just after 8am.

I was going to wake my son up to see if he was better enough to go to school today. He was off yesterday with a sore stomach and fluey symptoms. However, I don’t think it would be wise to send him out in that. I’ll see how he is later when he wakes up and maybe the snow has stopped.

It’s actually just stopped now but I think that might be temporary as there is a lot of it about in the sky.

The Salt Man

I hope that Martin Farren is ready with all that salt he got the Council to purchase two years ago after the bad winter then.

It looks as if it was a very short autumn. The summer seemed to extend well into October and now we have wintry conditions in mid-November. Outside, the blackberries are still on the bushes even though the leaves have snow flakes on them.

A strange year it has been but not a bad one!