CraicOn is absolutely flying at the moment. It’s not so long ago (a matter of weeks) that CraicOn crashed into the top 1,000 websites in Ireland according to Alexa.

Alexa rates every website in the world according to the traffic they get. They look at the number of visits websites get and the number of pages read over a 3 month period and rank all websites worldwide and by country.

CraicOn is now the 251,413rd busiest website in the world – which puts it in the top 1% of website worldwide. In Ireland it is now the 657th busiest website in Ireland. That’s not bad considering that is only for one small town (Moville) and two villages (Muff and Greencastle) in Donegal.

Concept Works

The concept obviously works so now I’m looking to expand it to other areas of Ireland – and it doesn’t have to be Ireland. The problem is trying to get the right people in towns and villages up and down Ireland to take over in their area.

The ideal person would be someone who can write well but also goes out and knows what craic is happening in their area. They don’t have to do it all by themselves. they can just be the coordinator if they want and ask people to send in craic to them.

Keep the Money

If they managed to get any advertising in their local area they can keep it all. I don’t want any of it.

So, if you know anyone who can write and likes to write or can just coordinate craic sent to them then ask them to get in touch. Carndonagh, Buncrana, Letterkenny and The Town ares in Derry would be obvious candidates if you know anyone there.

It doesn’t just apply to Ireland. If you are out there in any part of the world and want to do a CraicOn for you city, town or village (or know someone who does) get in touch with us at [email protected]