Today marks the beginning of Anti-Bullying week 2013. Schools will be hosting work shops and talks over the course of the week and many organisations will be involving the community in such as well.

Bullying has become even more widespread in recent years. Social media is a playground for school bullies. Certain sites are abusing many young people and allowing these kids to live in fear. It MUST be stopped.

This weeks mission is to make bullying unacceptable – for everyone, everywhere – everyones help is needed to make this happen.
Get involved during Anti-Bullying Week 2013: band together as a school or a class, or even take action as an individual. With the help of everyone bullying will hopefully be stopped or at least lessened.

If you are being bullied at present, talk to someone. Do NOT keep it secret. And if you are a bully, take a good look at yourself and see the harm that you are causing.

Use this week wisely and help alleviate bullying. It can be stopped and it must!