IBM have developed new software that examines people’s Facebook and Twitter pages to find out if they are the right type of person for the company. They are now working out how they can use this software best and how to sell this software to other companies.

For instance, it found that people who are interested in the welfare of other people tend to use words like we, us, friends, family, health and home. People without those qualities tended to use words like work, school, job, music and beer.

Those That Fit In

People who are energetic and warm use longer words and make more sexual references in their tweets and Facebook pages. Those likely to fit in well with colleagues use more first person plurals, more definite and indefinite articles (‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’) and swear less often.

Conscientious people discuss their achievements and use language to highlight distinctions. Worriers discuss negative emotions, use words about being unwell and talk about such things as family and church.

Using shorthand terms like ‘ur’ or ‘2day’ show a potential employer that you lack openness.

Future Leaders

They can identify future leaders by their being approachable and available on their Facebook pages and focused on the wants and wellbeing of their customers and employees.

Those with dark sides to their character, which would hold up their progress, will show antagonism and narcissism on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

So, by the time you get to your interview, in the future, potential employers will have a great deal of information about you, the type of person you are and how you would fit in at the company.

It’s amazing how much you give away about yourself from your Facebook and Twitter pages.